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Gear hobbing machine LC 200

Machine Concept

Liebherr hobbing machines are optimized for universal gear applications. Our highperformance hobbing machines are productive and machine in the highest quality. 

  •  6 CNC axes 
  •  Optimised stiffness of the machine bed with FE Analysis model
  •  Thermo-symmetrical machine design for constant high quality 
  •  Safe and problem-free removal of chips 
  •  Wet and dry processing
  •  High flexibility for different processes:

- Gears, shafts, worm gears 
- Cluster gearing
- Skiving 
- Positioned/Oriented gear teeth 

  •  Hook-ready machine with compact floor space suitable for straightforward implementation 
  •  Hand or machine-internal crane loading

Technical data

Module: 7.00 mm
Workpiece diameter: 200 mm
Axial travel: 600 mm
Shift travel: 200 / 300 mm
Hob diameter: 160 mm
Clamp length: 235 / 335 mm
Hob speed: 4,500 min-1