D-r Anastasia Zhelezkova 35, A, et.4, at.5, 
Varna 9010, Bulgaria

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About us

Machinery Design Ltd provides complex engineering services for the technical re-equipment of manufacturing and engineering enterprises. We have many years of experience in developing and implementing complex technological projects, including automation, digitization, and integrated production management.

We are engaged in supplying, installation and commissioning of metalworking machines and specialized equipment.

Machinery Design Ltd is an official representative of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of metalworking from Europe, Taiwan, China, etc. We are the official representatives of the next companies:

  • EMCO GmbH
  • Juaristi
  • Insung
  • TOS Čelákovice
  • Bystronic DNE Laser etc.

Thanks to the variety of machines we offer, we can realize all your ideas related to the production process.

Based on our experience with supplying machine tools and equipment Machinery Design Ltd has a certificate for a brokerage with dual-use products and technologies, as well as a certificate for export and transfer of dual-use products and technologies, thanks to which we export such kind of equipment from the European Union to third countries.