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One of the main conditions ensuring high rates of labor productivity growth in the industry is the continuous improvement of the technological equipment park. This is achieved, first of all, by replacing outdated equipment with new. However, it is not always possible to replace all obsolete equipment with new ones. Such replacement is not always economically justified. Often, outdated equipment can be provided with technical and operational qualities that allow it to be used with no less production effect than new due to structural changes in individual parts and mechanisms or the addition of some mechanisms that do not require large costs.

     This type of equipment improvement, referred to as modernization, ultimately has the same goal as repair - to increase the effective life of your existing equipment. There are many reasons why your existing equipment may not be performing as well as it should. In this case, you should consider its modernization.

     Knowledge and experience of specialists of Machinery Design Ltd. will allow you not only to restore the equipment to its original state, but also to carry out modernization, to increase the profitability of your business through new technologies. Our engineers will carefully study your problems and needs and offer the latest solutions for technological improvement of equipment. You will not only be able to perform various tasks of your customers, but also significantly extend the life of your equipment.