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Milling machine with horizontal spindle and moving column Ecomill Plus

  •  Ecological 

With a significantly improved and more efficient energy management, compared to the traditional Mecof machines, Ecomill needs up to 20% less electricity and up to 50% less consumables.

  • Economical

Thanks to the high standardization it offers the best quality/price ratio.

  • Compact 

Its compact dimensions allow savings of up to 20% of the occupied area.

Technical data

Linear axes
X-axis travel: 6000 mm and more
Y-axis travel: 1600 mm
Z-axis travel: 3000 mm
Axes feed rate: 30 m/min
Number of axes (basic machine)    3+2, 5
Numerical control
Heidenhain iTNC 530HSCI
Siemens 840D sl