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C 250 and C 500 CNC models of grinding machines belong to product line C of fully numerically controlled centreless grinders. Their construction and high rigidity predetermine them for the accurate and high-performance grinding of external cylindrical surfaces in series and mass production, allowing for both plunge-cut (shape) and through-feed grinding. With the machine modular modifications, the number of controlled axes can be selected as needed for the particular type of work pieces to be ground, to the satisfaction of customer’s requirements. User software which comes with the machine as a standard is so designed to meet the needs of a machine’s operator and technologist as much as possible. The software has a variety of support functions available (such as archiving of grinding processes, graphical diagnostics of the grinder or logical help), which, together with quick fault diagnostics and direct selection of spare parts and subcontractor’s contacts from a control system screen facilitates the grinder operating and makes it easier. The grinder connection to a customer’s internal data network is of advantage, making possible the processing of grinding operation data and results, inclusive of statistical analyses of the machine operation accuracy. Complete backup of grinding operation setups and parameters considerably quickens the machine resetting to another type of work pieces. For their operational flexibility, excellent performance, high accuracy and small space they require to be incorporated, the C 250 CNC and C 500 CNC centreless grinding machines become an indispensable part of production lines in bearings, automotive engines and components, aircraft and aircraft components, textile, and printing machines manufacturing. Thanks to the machine modular design, we can offer a wide variety of configurations in other versions.

Technical data

Min. grinding diameter of work piece mm: 0.8 
Max. grinding diameter of work piece for through – feed grinding mm: 100 
Max. grinding diameter of the work piece for plunge – cut grinding mm: 100 
Max. length of the work piece without special feeding for through grinding mm: 300 
Max. length of the work piece with special feeding for through-feed grinding mm: 4,000 
Max. length of the work piece with special feeding for plunge-cut grinding mm: 245 
Grinding wheel dimension (standard) mm: 650 x 250 x 304.8 
Regulation wheel dimension (standard) mm: 355 x 250 x 152.4 
Max. circumference velocity of the grinding wheel m/s: 63 
Stepless regulated of regulating wheel speed rpm: 5 – 914 
Grinding wheel drive power kW: 22 
Total peak power demand of machine kVA: 50 
Total machine weight kg: 13,650